Blaông chồng bean sweet soup is a traditional food of Vietnamese people. Like mung bean sweet soup và red bean sweet soup…. Black bean sweet soup is considered as cool food and enjoyed in the summer. Blaông chồng bean is the main ingredient that is typical, easy khổng lồ buy and store, everyone can make a home-cooked dish to enjoy at home.

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Cooking blachồng bean sweet soup is very simple & does not combine with luxurious food, just comtháng beans can create a refresher in the summer. However, khổng lồ cook a glass of blaông chồng bean sweet soup with tender beans but not too smashed, sweet but not cloyingly sweet needs some tips.

Follow the below recipe khổng lồ prepare important ingredients lớn cook a blachồng bean sweet soup glass.

Ingredients for Blaông xã bean sweet soup


Blachồng beans: 1 bowlBrown sugar: 1 bowlWater: 1,5 – 2 litersSalternative text, pandan leavesRoasted peanuts, shaved coconutCoconut milk: 1 can, 3 tsp of white sugar, 1.5 tsp of corn flour, 2-3 tsp of cold water, 100ml water.

Steps for cooking blaông xã bean sweet soup

Step 1:


Wash the blachồng bean and soak in water overnight khổng lồ make them enlarge and simmer quickly.

After soaking the blachồng bean, washing it again. Wash the pandan leaves và tie up in a bundle.

Step 2:


Add blachồng bean, water & a pinch of salt into a pot, then simmer until it turns quite tender & add pandan leaves.

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Continue simmering until it becomes tender và soft but not crushed.

If you have sầu a pressure-cooker, you should take use of it. It is the faschạy thử way lớn make blachồng bean tender.

Step 3:


Take pandan leaves out và add brown sugar, you can adjust the sweetness to fit your taste.

Continue cooking for 5 minutes khổng lồ make blaông xã beans soaked with the sugar, turn off the cooker & let it cold.

Steps 4:

Cook coconut milk:


Pour coconut milk, White sugar and 100ml water inlớn a pot, then stir và boil it.

Blend corn starch with a little water, then gently pour it inlớn the coconut milk và stir the mixture at the same time, until it boils and turns a consistent mixture. Turn off the cooker và it cools down.

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Step 5:

When the sweet soup cools down, you ladle soup out into lớn bowls, add coconut milk depending on your taste. Finally, sprinkle shaved coconut, roasted peanuts on the top và enjoy it.