What is chromatic aberration

In this video i hope to explain to you what Chromatic Aberration (1 b 2 r) is. It is the random colour fringes that you get at areas of high contrast. The better the lens you own the les cromatic aberation you have. The photos were taken with the nikon 50mm f1.4 at different apertures. wide apertures usually result in more chromatic aberation than small (higher f number). However using adobe lightroom it is much easier to get rid of the colours.

on an other note that if you shoot in jpeg the nikon d300 automatically takes out a lot of the chromatic aberation.

hope this helps


dom bower


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Adriana Kuzmikova

you are really good at explaining stuff. you should be a professor. 🙂

Michael Smith

It's always a good idea to make a script before a recording, even the professionals can't make it without 🙂


I have learned something new in how to fix it in light room.

N. Naim

Cheers lad. Of course it takes a SCOTSMAN to explain it properly. I thank you very much

I was hoping to find out what it actually is and what causes it, this only shows what it looks like and how to remove it in Lightroom 2.  Saying that though the video is well made and I'm giving it a thumbs up.


+1 for having a defected color sight. I can't see shit of the stuff u are on about. I suppose I'll just continue with my old method of "import photo to lightroom -> click profile corrections and remove chromatic aberration -> edit image" 😛

Edit: I do see the halo, just not seeing that much of anything red or blue there.

Jimmy Nahlous

In reality we take photos and films with all these imperfections such as Chromatic Aberration, lens distortion, noise, camera shakes etc. IN the 3D and CGI world, when we render things, they are perfect. So unlike the real world, we DON'T WANT these things perfect clean and crisp because they make things look less natural to your subconscious mind, this is why people pick out "oh that's fake"- we see imperfections around us daily, our subconscious will notice something is too 'clean'

Matthew Aquilina

Why does cryengine 3 use chromatic aberration in some games?

dan batts

The controls for this are set up a little different in the new 4.3 version but generally work the same.

Deni Williams

The softness on the corners can be called chromatic aberration too?


@ManicEightBall stopping down about 2 or 3 stops is just fine. going too far you start to suffer from another issue called difraction


So is it better when you stop all the way down, or is the sweet spot best for this?

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