Being dubbed as the “Asian Arnold”, Chul Soon is a Korean bodybuilder who’s famous for his incredible physique; featuring “chiseled” 8-paông chồng abs & an “old-school”, classic physique look.

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Since he first started competing in 2009, Chul has become a sensation in his homel& & beyond; winning numerous bodybuilding contests throughout the U.S. & Korea, as well as appearing in commercials và TV shows.

However, Chul’s life wasn’t always glamorous và successful. As a youngster, he was often disrespected for his undernourished looks. Ironically, this is what made hyên turn lớn the weight room, và begin his journey towards success.

This is Chul’s story:

Athlete Statistics

Full Name: Chul Soon Hwang
WeightHeightAgeDate of Birth
215 - 225lbs (93.0 - 102.1kg)5"10" (177.5cm)37September 1, 1983
KoreanBodybuilder, Celebrity Personal Trainer, Fitness Model2010

Weight215 - 225lbs (93.0 - 102.1kg)
Height5"10" (177.5cm)
Date of BirthSeptember 1, 1983
ProfessionBodybuilder, Celebrity Personal Trainer, Fitness Model



năm nhâm thìn Musclemania Universe at Fitness Universe, Professional Medium, 1st place – Overall Championnăm ngoái Musclemania Universe at Fitness Universe, Professional Medium, 1st place – Overall Championnăm ngoái Musclemania World at Fitness America Weekkết thúc, Professional Medium, 2nd place2014 Musclemania Universe at Fitness Universe, Professional Medium, 1st place2013 Musclemania World at Fitness America Weekover, Professional Medium, 2nd place2012 Musclemania World at Fitness America Weekkết thúc, Professional Heavyweight, 1st place – Overall Champion2011 Musclemania World at Fitness America Weekkết thúc, Professional Heavyweight, 4th place2010 Musclemania World at Fitness America Weekover, Lightweight, World Champion (Pro Card)2010 Model Universe at Fitness Universe, 3rd placeMusclemania Universe at Fitness Universe, Lightweight, 4th place2010 Musclemania Universe Korea, Sports Model, 1st place2009 Fitness Korea, Sports Model, 3rd place2009 Musclemania World at Fitness America Weekend, Lightweight, 2nd place



Motivation for Starting the Fitness Journey

Chul’s training life và desire for lifting weights started “emerging” when he was đôi mươi. His reason for beginning this journey was simple – he wanted khổng lồ gain respect from people around him, & transsize his “scrawny” body into something admirable.

When talking about why he started getting inlớn fitness Chul said; “When I turned đôi mươi I had a very thin body & weighed only 57kg (125lb). I was treated with disrespect. People looked down at me in situations lượt thích if I was returning goods to a store, or helping someone or speaking to lớn strangers.”

When he first started training, Chul would vì chưng 3000 crunches a day, almost on a daily basis. His training sessions would sometimes last more than two or three hours. However, he later realized that this type of training wasn’t the most efficient for building muscle; instead, he started following a structured workout program, và began focusing on his diet.

After he changed his approach, Chul began noticing tremendous progress on his physique. Three years later, he could no longer recognize himself – his physique was massive, proportionate, và “shredded”.


Career in Fitness

With several years of weightlifting experience under his belt, Chul started working as a personal trainer in one of the gyms in Seoul, South Korea. Later, in 2009, he took his career in fitness one step further by starting to compete in bodybuilding shows.

In his debut conthử nghiệm, the 2009 Musclemania World Championships, Chul finished in an impressive 2nd place (light-weight category).

From that point on, he started competing on a regular basis, bringing more kích cỡ and better conditioning each year – by the kết thúc of 2010, he’d sculpted such an impressive sầu physique that he won the 2010 Musclemania World at Fitness America Weekend contest; earning his Pro Card along with the title.

Since then, Chul has shown no signs of slowing down – he’s become a celebrity fitness trainer, và has appeared in numerous Korean & American commercials, TV shows, và magazines.

“Now that I am much bigger, people treat me with more respect. They Điện thoại tư vấn me the ‘Asian Sensation’, ‘Asian Pride’ and the ‘Asian Arnold’.”




Chul had lớn spkết thúc years in the gym, using trial & error as his guide, to build his “classic, old-school” looking physique.

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He mainly focused on compound movements that work multiple muscle groups, such as bench press, squat, pull-ups, and deadlifts. Chul believes that just these four exercises can be enough to lớn build an impressive physique that resembles those of Golden Era.

However, he still adds some isolation movements khổng lồ his workouts; they help him shape the muscle, và even out any strength or kích cỡ imbalances he might have sầu. Some of these movements include cable flys, rear delt dumbbell flys, và wide-grip lat pulldowns.



Chul follows a strict diet based on high protein, moderate carbs, và moderate fat intake. Most of his carbs are consumed in the morning and after a workout, whilst his protein và fats are taken throughout the day, especially in the evening before bed.

Some of the more common foods & drinks he consumes are bananas, chicken, brown rice, whey protein shakes, và avocados.

Chul eats a meal every three hours, each meal weighing around half a pound.

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Idols & Influences

Looking at his physique, it’s easy to lớn see that some of Chul’s main idols in bodybuilding are Arnold Schwarzenegger and the other Golden Era greats.

The v-taper, huge arms and shoulders, thiông xã calves & legs, và chiseled abs are the staple of Chul’s hard work in the gym, và representation of his goals in fitness.

With his performances on the stage, Chul hopes to lớn show that bodybuilding isn’t always about just getting as big as possible, but also, looking symmetrical.

However, this doesn’t mean that he underestimates the hard work of today’s contemporary bodybuilders, but for hyên ổn, the ultimate physique is the “classic” one.


What we can learn from Chul Soon

Chul Soon began his bodybuilding journey as a “skinny kid” who was disrespected by people around him – however, with a lot of time and sacrifice, he’s proven his “haters” wrong, & has become a bodybuilder “lớn the stars”.

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If someone ever underestimates your potential, or says something negative sầu, just rethành viên Chul’s story, and how he used every negativity that was thrown at hyên as a “fuel” to lớn accomplish his ambitions. By following his example, you can overcome any obstacle, and become successful in life.

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