Multigrain rice (Japgokbap: 잡곡밥)

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If you’ve been watching my videos for a while, you’ve probably seen me eating purple rice. Sometimes dark purple, or sometimes lavender, it has a beautiful color and stands out on any table.

It’s Korean multigrain rice, called japgokbap in Korean. It’s a pretty simple recipe and there are many variations to it, and I will make it differently depending on my mood, but today I’m going to show you a version that is reliably beautiful and delicious.

Cách làm MÌ GÓI XÀO TRỨNG ngon và sợi mì tơi không bị nát Bánh Đúc Nhân Ướt – Savory Mung Bean Starch Cake


keneálissan Rios

Could i replace the brown sweet rice for regular brown rice? I am not able to find it on my area at the moment…

Sisi Gao

I really like this rice! Now I finally know what was added to the rice. My classmates from Korea didn't tell me before! Your video is a lifesaver! That's great!

Hi Maangchi, I can't find glutinous rice near me, can I use other short grain rices instead? I'm not too worried about it not being sticky but didn't know if I would need different cooking times. Thanks 🙂

Lady Mermalade23

Maangchi watching your videos are help me dealing with my depression love u 🥰

Ankita Malviya

you are so sweet n realistic.. i luv to hear you talk💖💖..Luv to u from India

jon Holsapple

Thank you for this recipe. I've made it several times and I have even used your bone soup broth. Now I put in hijiki seaweed and carrots. Thank you again JoAnn Sigby

Salina Akther Liza

Mangchi. Lots of love for you from Bangladesh 🇧🇩


Maanchi can I cook this in a rice cooker? How much water would I add? Thank you!

Noura Alzahrani

Is it possible to add the Arabic language to an option .. I am a fan of the Korean food culture and love to learn and cook it.🌷💕

dith gaspar

Thank you!I learned a lot from you.I am Filipino but I love Korean kids are fussy eater but now they’re excited every time I cook.My eldest son always says”Mom smell good again am ready to eat”.


I m here are hearing Kim Namjoon had 5 grain rice…😁 But even I don't like beans

Chew Time

Maangchi, I see hulled and unhulled barley. Which one do I buy?


My grandma makes a rice with purple beans is this not the same?

jon Holsapple

Thank you Maangchi for this recipe. I am using other halves tablet. I started using beef bone broth instead of water. I used your recipe for that too. Stay safe thank you again JoAnn Sigby

P Sutradhar

I am so glad ,that you are always considerate of your viewers, many may not have the things/ingredients or utensils. You make sure to look from our perspective and arrange the cooking, thank you.

P Sutradhar

Thanks to you Maangchi! Lovely video!
I am an Indian girl, we eat rice here as well.But trying Japgokbap will be very very interesting, plus learning Typical Korean Table setting was fantastic as well.

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