Thịt luộc tôm chua – Boiled Pork w/ Sour Shrimp Sauce | Helen's Recipes

Boiled pork with sour shrimp is a very typical Vietnamese family daily meal. It’s often served with fresh vegetables, a bowl of soup and a dipping sauce.
500 g pork belly
2-3 tbsp fermented shrimp sauce
fresh herbs and vegetables
1/2 block tofu
2 shallot
1 green banana peeled, soaked in salted water and thinly sliced
1 green star fruit thinly sliced
1/2 green mango thinly sliced
3 sprigs garlic chives
1-2 tbsp Fish sauce

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Ha Nguyenhongha

Hi there, thank you for your sharing vietnamese food.

Keri Monaco

I really like boil pork belly with vinegar, soy sauce dipping sauce with minced garlic and shallots.

I hope I can find that shrimp sauce in my local Vietnamese market, it looks really good

Cuộc Sống Đồng Quê USA Mỹ

Love yous food like 💯💯💯❤️👍🎁🔔


Looks very tasty! What does the fermented shrimps taste like? Is it like fermented shrimp paste?

Leon Liu

Hi helen must we keep the tom chua in fridge once we open it ??

Khanh Bui

hehe đúng là xem xong thì em muốn làm ngay thật ^_^ cảm ơn chị vì video đơn giản mà thú vị

I know pork fat is not good for me but I am sure I can finish half of the plate myself. Eat first and worry later.
This video is fantastic . Helen you are AWESOME !

au nguyen

HI Helen,, when come to washington dc , call em nhe hehe

Alice Nguyen

Although I've lived in Vietnam since I was born but there are many Vietnamese traditional food that I can't handle: mắm in general, pickle, chilli. Me and my family usually wonder that I am a true Vietnamese or not 😂 Just watch this video for fun but I'll never try it 😂😂😂
Btw, I'm Vietnamese

Hi Helen, couldn't help but to noticed you wearing a wedding ring. Congrats.!

Nelly Phan

I was hoping you would show us how to make the tôm chua :(( i was so craving for it but nothing tastes good here in the US


Angeblich ist Sauerkohl bzw. Sauerkraut typisch deutsch, dabei kommt saures Gemüse aus Südostasien, die haben das erfunden, und lieben es wohl auch heute noch, sogar mit einer größeren Vielfalt als wir hier in Europa !
Sauer fermentierte tierische Produkte sind hier in Europa praktisch unbekannt, sind aber wohl in ganz Indochina bekannt oder sogar beliebt: Sauer fermentierte Würste, Sauer fermentierte Garnelen wie hier. ( und was noch ??? )
Das Problem ist nur: wie wird das gemacht ohne daß diese eiweißhaltigen tierischen Produkte fermentieren ohne zu verderben ???

Anh Phan

Chị Helen ơi, chị dạy món khổ qua cà ớt được không chị 😀

Fred Lo

Wow… very nice presentation! What does that fermented sauce taste like?

Hong Chung

Hi Helen's,

I wonder do you have cooked book that's you published ? So I can buy and keep its in the future.. Your cooking show very easy to cooked, I really loved its..


I was really curious to know the taste of eating with pickled shrimps so tried out yesterday.
It was so tasty and somewhat similar to a Korean dish 'Bossam', but this dish is certainly more aromatic and fragrant.Thanks for sharing the recipe, we really enjoyed it and it will be a regular menu at our dinner table.

Miriam Rodriguez

I want to eat this it looks good but where I live I don't have a Asian store…. it's very had for me to get fresh vegetables like the one's you show…

Souped Up Recipes

Love your channel! Will try your recipes soon ,always want to make Vietnamese Food.

is there away to make the sour shrimp sauce without the eggplant I am allergic to it


Hinh nhu ban cho giam khi tran (luoc so) mieng thit dung khong? Khong thay ban nhac den nhung lai thay trong clip.

Ks. Nguyễn Đức Tiến Luyện - Thi Công Cơ Điện

wow nhin ngon qua di. Phuoc cho nguoi dan ong nao dc lam chong ban, vi se dc an mon ngon vo nau moi ngay.


Did you put salt into the water?? How much salt and water?

Anne Le

Hi Helen, Tom chua looks so good. Can we have the recipe to make it 🙂

Elli Asuna

where are you living? germany? bc u mentioned it….i live there hahah

Hiền Nguyễn

Luộc xong mà ngâm nước đá sẽ mất vị ngọt của thịt, ăn đâu còn ngon nữa

Linh Đỗ Thùy

chị ơi khi nào chị hướng dẫn nấu cơm gạo lứt đúng cách dc ko ạ?

Linh Đỗ Thùy

chuẩn món khoái khẩu của em rồi 😆😭



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